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The ProActive Realty Income Fund, LLC manages capital for institutions and investors through private investment vehicles offering immediate income opportunities.

Such opportunities are available to accredited investors who must meet certain asset, income, and sophistication requirements as defined by US Securities law, and to debt capital investors as well.

Our investment opportunities are managed by ProActive Realty Group, LLC and seek to capitalize on impact investments in the multifamily real estate market.

Our strategy centers around acquiring, renovating, and repositioning multifamily properties for the benefit of investors and local communities. Our objective is to maximize returns within this framework by producing reliable cash flows and/or capital appreciation.


Any investment maintains risk of loss. Please do not invest without prior consultation with your financial, tax, or legal specialist.


Please note that participation in any investment opportunity managed by ProActive Realty Group, LLC is offered only as a private palcement to qualifying accredited investors.

- Sam Zell, American Billionaire Businessman
“Mobile home parks have the most opportunity. It is the greatest business since sliced bread.”  
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