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1st Position Secured Realty Income Fund

The 1st position secured realty fund puts investors first!


The Fund focuses on high-yield, income-producing Class C properties, and some  distressed B properties.

Our experienced team typically reviews dozens of deals every month. Only those that fit our stringent underwriting criteria move forward to closing.


To provide an investment option with the potential to deliver the following benefits from the portfolio:

  • Excellent Rate of Return – target of 24% net return (8% per year of term)*

  • Reduced Risk – investments secured by real estate

  • Full Transparency - our 3rd-party fund administrator is absolute best-in-class with over $130 billion AUM.

  • Best-In-Class Property and Income- interruption Insurance - we utilize high-rate insurers only 

  • Greater Diversification – multiple property types and geographies

  • More Consistent Returns – interest payments provide potential for steady baseline returns

Key Financial Parameters

  • 24% net target return (~8% annual)

  • Minimum investment amount: $50,000 initial, $5,000 incremental

  • Type of funds accepted: Cash (check or wire transfer), Self-Directed IRA funds (check or wire)

  • Minimum time commitment: Three years

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